Transforming your trauma, grief and challenging life experiences into strengths

Rebecca Wallace, MSW, LCSW

Welcome to your authentic life.

So many people function in survival mode, instead of truly living their lives to the fullest. It's as if sometimes we don't feel that we have permission to enjoy life, and we exist in this model missing out on life's joy. We are all deserving of happiness and love. However, many of us spend their lives reliving the past, allowing the past to punish us and hold us back from new possibilities. Past traumatic life events can also cause continued pain in the present.

Discovering what holds you back from this happiness, when you are ready, is my life's work.  My approach to therapy embraces this belief: the fundamental power to heal is alive within us.  You deserve so much more than you've allowed yourself to receive.  We will work together toward self-acceptance & freedom from recurring pain.  This is a life-changing process that lives within you indefinitely.  I use teachings of metaphors to help clients understand the concepts that we discuss.  The path is defined by you.  We talk a lot in the beginning of our professional relationship about what your goals are, and what you need from a therapist.  Change only occurs when you allow it.  Taking the first step of committing to therapy is also the first step to creating change.  We work together to achieve your goals in therapy.  The transformative work that is done in therapy is done by you;  I am simply the coach or guide that recognizes when the path gets rough or impassable (that "stuck" place) and introduces the map, the GPS, or in some cases, the tow truck to navigate the rough roads.

When you are ready, so am I.

 . . . live your authentic life

On the day that you were born, you had all the inherent strength, goodness, and wisdom that you would ever need.  All that you require are the tools to access it.

                     - Laurel Mellin